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Macbeth and Lord of the Flies Comparison Essay Essay Example

Macbeth and Lord of the Flies Comparison Essay Essay Macbeth by Shakespeare and Lord of the Fliess by William Golding have much to state about man’s iniquitous nature. Both of these plants contain scenes in which chief characters die ; their deceases come about because of their iniquitous nature or the iniquitous nature of others around them. Man’s iniquitous nature is revealed through the ideas and actions of the characters of these plants. The writers show through their plants their belief that if everybody revealed their true natures. the universe would rupture itself apart. In both plants. immorality is revealed by the revealing actions of the characters. In Lord of the Flies. the boys’ society starts to fall apart as Jack becomes less and less civilised and the other male childs bit by bit follow his illustration. Merely Simon is the genuinely guiltless one ; even Ralph and Piggy expose their evil nature when they help the other male childs kill Simon. Besides the slayings of Simon and Piggy. immorality is besides demonstrated through the scenes when the hog is killed. Piggy’s spectacless are stolen. and the conch shell is smashed. In Macbeth. man’s iniquitous nature is seen rather early in the narrative when Lady Macbeth urges her hubby to kill the male monarch after he is told a prognostication that he will go male monarch. Though Macbeth is loath at foremost. so horrified at the slaying he has committed. his pride and greed get the better of him. He starts killing more people. including adult females and kids. and even efforts t o kill his good friend Banquo. Though Macbeth started out good. his evil nature conquered in the terminal. We will write a custom essay sample on Macbeth and Lord of the Flies Comparison Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Macbeth and Lord of the Flies Comparison Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Macbeth and Lord of the Flies Comparison Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Though they both demonstrate man’s iniquitous nature. the books end in really different ways. In Macbeth. Macbeth dies by the manus of his enemy. and his married woman dies by her ain manus. In Lord of the Flies. the male childs are rescued merely as Ralph is about to be killed. However. in both books the wickedness job is neer controlled. Shakespeare neer suggests in his work that Malcolm will go corrupt or that person else will prehend the throne. However. it is in the nature of adult male to be corrupt. and finally something like Macbeth’s trespass of the throne would go on once more. On the other manus. Golding lays heavy accent on the suggestion that all work forces are iniquitous. non merely male childs marooned on an island. He shows this by adding the naval officer and his ship into the narrative. The Bible has much to state about man’s iniquitous nature. In Romans 3:23. it states: â€Å"For all have sinned and fall short of the glorification of God. † Luke 18:13 says this: â€Å"†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢God. have mercy on me. a evildoer. † Everybody has a iniquitous nature ; our Black Marias are corrupted and full of greed. Macbeth and Lord of the Flies show how improbably far off our wickednesss can take us from God’s love and grace. As the Luke transition proves. nevertheless. God will ever hold clemency on us. no affair how far we have strayed from him. Macbeth. unluckily. neer changed- he stayed wicked until the terminal. On the other manus. Ralph and the other boys most likely did alter their evil ways when they went back to civilisation. If we neer return to God and garbage to hold anything to make with him. like Macbeth. he will hold no pick but to penalize us. However. if we turn from our iniquitous ways like Ralph. God will welcome us back with unfa stened weaponries. Both Macbeth and Lord of the Flies speak volumes about the job of man’s iniquitous nature. Though they seem like guiltless narratives at first. the reader bit by bit realizes that the writers are. in fact. talking about the full human population. Both writers are doing a individual point: All worlds have a iniquitous nature. and if it were given free rein. world would destruct itself.

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Anatomical Directional Terms and Body Planes

Anatomical Directional Terms and Body Planes Anatomical directional terms are like the directions on a compass rose of a map. Like the directions, North, South, East and West, they can be used to describe the locations of structures in relation to other structures or locations in the body. This is particularly useful when studying anatomy as it provides a common method of communication that helps to avoid confusion when identifying structures. Also as with a compass rose, each directional term often has a counterpart with converse or opposite meaning. These terms are very useful when describing the locations of structures to be studied in dissections. Anatomical directional terms can also be applied to the planes of the body. Body planes are used to describe specific sections or regions of the body. Below are examples of some commonly used anatomical directional terms and planes of the body. Anatomical Directional Terms Anterior: In front of, frontPosterior: After, behind, following, toward the rearDistal: Away from, farther from the originProximal: Near, closer to the originDorsal: Near the upper surface, toward the backVentral: Toward the bottom, toward the bellySuperior: Above, overInferior: Below, underLateral: Toward the side, away from the mid-lineMedial: Toward the mid-line, middle, away from the sideRostral: Toward the frontCaudal: Toward the back, toward the tailBilateral: Involving both sides of the bodyUnilateral: Involving one side of the bodyIpsilateral: On the same side of the bodyContralateral: On opposite sides of the bodyParietal: Relating to a body cavity wallVisceral: Relating to organs within body cavitiesAxial: Around a central axisIntermediate: Between two structures Anatomical Body Planes Imagine a person standing in an upright position. Now imagine dissecting this person with imaginary vertical and horizontal planes. This is the best way to describe anatomical planes. Anatomical planes can be used to describe any body part or an entire body. (View a detailed body plane image.) Lateral Plane or Sagittal Plane: Imagine a vertical plane that runs through your body from front to back or back to front. This plane divides the body into right and left regions. Median or Midsagittal Plane: Sagittal plane that divides the body into equal right and left regions.Parasagittal Plane: Sagittal plane that divides the body into unequal right and left regions. Frontal Plane or Coronal Plane: Imagine a vertical plane that runs through the center of your body from side to side. This plane divides the body into front (anterior) and back (posterior) regions. Transverse Plane: Imagine a horizontal plane that runs through the midsection of your body. This plane divides the body into upper (superior) and lower (inferior) regions. Anatomical Terms: Examples Some anatomical structures contain anatomical terms in their names that help identify their position in relation to other body structures or divisions within the same structure. Some examples include the anterior and posterior pituitary, superior and inferior venae cavae, the median cerebral artery, and the axial skeleton. Affixes (word parts that are attached to base words) are also useful in describing the position of anatomical structures. These prefixes and suffixes give us hints about the locations of body structures. For example, the prefix (para-) means near or within. The parathyroid glands are located on the posterior side of the thyroid. The prefix epi- means upper or outermost. The epidermis is the outermost skin layer. The prefix (ad-) means near, next to, or toward. The adrenal glands are located atop the kidneys. Anatomical Terms: Resources Understanding anatomical directional terms and body planes will make it easier to study anatomy. It will help you to be able to visualize positional and spatial locations of structures and navigate directionally from one area to another. Another strategy that can be employed to help you visualize anatomical structures and their positions is to use study aids such as anatomy coloring books and flashcards. It may seem a bit juvenile, but coloring books and review cards actually help you to visually comprehend the information.

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How might Archbishop Romero analyze (comment on) the following passage Essay

How might Archbishop Romero analyze (comment on) the following passage from Gaudium et Spes - Essay Example In his view the Church was not the name of the buildings or of the hierarchical structure of clergymen but was the name of the collective of Catholic people, most of who were poor and oppressed (Brockman). The ‘Gaudium et Spes’ (Joy and Hope) apostolic constitution adopted at the Second Vatican Council in 1965 proclaims a similar view of the Church. In this document, the laity are urged to learn what their faith demands from them in the course of their secular duties. They are told that the role of the clergy in this respect is that of a teacher. The clergy will advise them on what God may want them to do, however they should cultivate their own conscience and religious sensibility and not expect explicit guidance from the clergy on every issue (Second Vatican Council). This passage has many parallels with the work of Archbishop Romero. The ‘Gaudium et Spes’ calls for a sort of spiritual and intellectual emancipation of the laity who are to educate themselves in their religion with the help of the clergy and in many matters where the explicit guidance of the Church is not available, they are to use the wisdom of the clergy to determine for themselves what God wants from them. In this view of the Catholic clergy, the clergymen are not the autocratic leaders of the laity but their guides and spiritual advisors. Archbishop Romero too held that the Catholic clergy should not be the leaders or rulers of the people but their advisors and guides. He called for a physical emancipation of the laity from the forces of exploitation and oppression in addition to their spiritual and intellectual liberation. Another aspect of congruence between the teachings and actions of Archbishop Romero and that of the ‘Gaudium et Spes’ is in proclaiming the role of the Catholic Christianity in the secular sphere of existence for a Catholic lay person.

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Research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Research paper - Essay Example The value and importance of IT field in any economy is also brought forward in this paper. The UAE, United Arabs Emirates, lies on the South-eastern side of Arabian Gulf. It occupies eighty three thousand six hundred square kilometers in the East of Arabian Peninsula. Some of the countries it shares boarders with include Qatar (north-western side), Saudi Arabia (Western and Southern sides) and Oman (Eastern and North-Eastern sides). The United Arabs Emirates, which is a federation of 7 emirates which were known as Trucial States, was established in 1971. The name â€Å"Trucial States† traces its roots from a perpetual Treaty of Maritime Truce signed by their rulers and the British In the eighteen fifties with its main aim being to keep and maintain peace at the sea especially during the pearling season. There was some uniqueness with the treaties they signed in that the British undertook their foreign affairs responsibilities and external defense while agreeing not to intervene in their internal affairs. There were some disputes and differences between the rulers o f the emirates. In 1971 British terminated the treaty having not treated the Trucial States like its other colonies and aiding nothing to the economic development of the country. UAE was therefore as a result of the rulers of the emirates realizing they could accomplish more united rather than divided hence they formed a federal state. Thirty years ago, there were very few tarmac roads. High rising buildings were virtually unknown. The larger part of the country was under developed. In the education sector, those living in major town were the only one accessing education. The illiteracy level was so high to an extent that out of a UAE population of about 180000, only 46 nationals had a University degree (Kirkwood, 1995), most of which had been acquired in

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Book Review of Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom

Book Review of Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom Aaron Christiansen Rienow, Rob. Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom. Nashville: Randall House, 2013. 336 pp. $22.99 Biographical Sketch of the Author Dr. Rienow is a husband, father and the pastor at Gospel Fellowship Church. He holds multiple degrees in theology and Christian leadership that prepared him to pastor a church. After spending time in the pastorate Dr. Rienow came to the realization that he was discipling the members of his congregation but not the members of his family. This caused Dr. Rienow to reevaluate how the church is called to do ministry in the Bible. His findings lead to changes in his own ministry as well as the writing of this book.ÂÂ   Pursuing the Great Commission through Biblical family discipleship is now a passion for Dr. Rienow. Summary of Contents Dr. Rob Rienows purpose in writing this book is to challenge your current philosophy of ministry. When planning each aspect of the program is the first reaction to reach for a curriculum, someones advice or tradition? Rienow issues the claim that the Bible is enough to guide leaders of the church in equipping the saints to carry out the Great Commission. Do not expect to sit down and read this book in an afternoon; this book will cause the reader to read and reread sections then stop and rethink each statement that is made. It is highly recommended that this book is not read alone, but instead with a ministry team. Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom should challenge any team that reads it together in how they do ministry and what their standards are for that ministry. Critical Evaluation Dr. Rienow does an excellent job of challenging the reader to rethink how he does church. This goes much deeper than just the traditions that we have accepted to date and into the place where the Word of God has in our heart and lives. Page by page Rienow builds a case for the sufficiency of scripture in the church and our families even in his own ministry he admitted, The Bible was enough for me when it came to my systematic theology, but not enough when it came to how Gods institutions of the family and the local church should function (13) This is a profound idea which will probably cause anyone reading the book to double check their process when making ministry decisions. The author fully grasps the concept that our first church is our family and we need to ensure their discipleship first and foremost. Rienow states, God created two institutions to build His Kingdom and advance His Gospel, the local church and the family. (39) Why would God allow us to take care of His bride, the church, if we cannot take care of our own family?ÂÂ   This flows perfectly into the argument regarding Biblical jurisdiction. Parents seem to have relegated the responsibility of discipleship to the church and instead of training the parents that this is not correct they have just accepted the role. As Dr. Rienow shows, this presents a problem when the churchs method differ from the parents methods and therefore creates conflict inside the body. We see the Great Commission, and we accept it. Then we carelessly ignore the clear messages God has given us about how the mission is to be carried out and who is responsible for its different faces. (61) Parents want to rely on the church or the school to educate their children about life when the Bible definitively places that responsibility on the parents. Rienow skillfully presents the picture of a Limited Church operating only inside the direction given by God and leaving the rest of the responsibilities to other jurisdictions. The church is challenged to rethink its priorities when Rienow asks, Can we honestly say that our jam-packed church calendar and our dynamic programs for every demographic group are making radical disciples for Jesus Christ? (1) The number of quality of the disciples a church makes is not directly proportional to the number of events on its calendar but according to the author, Nothing is more important in the local church than the preaching of the Bible. (103) The job of the church is given in Ephesians 4:11-13 of training and equipping the saints for ministry. This is done through the preaching of the Bible so that each facet may learn how to do their specific job well. A full third of the book is devoted to the concept of uniting the church and family in ministry. The ideas of caring for the poor, transforming specific ministries, building marriages, discipleship and evangelism are discussed thoroughly. Although family ministry is the new buzz word in churches, Dr. Rienow points out that it has been Gods plan from the beginning. He works from the Old Testament to the New Testament explaining the perfect design God has for families. That perfect design is family discipleship in the home, from the parents. Dr. Rienow exposes the fallacies in the current ministry model of age segregated groups and how it breeds an attitude of moral therapeutic deism that is running rampant through our culture today. Children move from fun childrens ministry to fun youth ministry to fun college ministry into boring church service and do not know how to assimilate into the church body. Dr. Rienow brings up the idea of incorporating children into the corporate body of worship and proposes that the church has been doing it wrong for about a hundred years. Readers are then shown multiple scripture passages showing children commanded to worship with their parents as a part of the faith family. Those who would choose to rebuff this idea are met with the statement, Before we think pragmatically, we need to think theologically. Practice does not drive theology. Theology drives practice. Rienow once again brings back each argument to the authority of scripture and scripture alone to drive our decisions. Using this same logic the reader should be able to determine that youth should also be in corporate worship along with young adults. Critical Evaluation Rienows mission to challenge the way churches address ministry questions with scripture first and only is accomplished throughout the entire book. While not directly stated the book screams out 2 Timothy 3:16 that scripture is sufficient for all our needs and answers. The author challenges readers that, Now is the time to return to the Bible alone for every matter of faith and practice! (45) Grab multiple copies of this book, pass them out to the ministry teams in your church, read through them together and evaluate the way you do ministry against scripture. Where it lines up witch scripture, press on; where it falls short, bring it in line with the Word and see if the fruits of your labor do not increase from Gods blessings. Bibliography Rienow, Rob. Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom. Nashville: Randall House Publications, 2013.

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Incentive Parameters for Salesmen in Leading FMCG Companies

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is one among the fast growing industries with consumers everywhere. Fast Moving consumer goods or consumer packaged goods are products that are sold quickly at relatively low cost. Though the absolute profit made on FMCG products is relatively small, they are generally sold in large quantities, and so the cumulative profit on such products can be substantial. Salesmen play a critical role in any FMCG industry; and for that matter in any industry, a salesman’s role is critical. The efficiency of the product is useless if the salesmen are inefficient. This calls for energetic salesmen whoare efficient. The average qualification of salesmen are limited to schooling. Most of the salesmen are school dropouts. Unlike the well qualified, with these salesmen the demand for ambiance, infrastructure and a conducive work environment are the least preferred. Monetary benefits are the driving force. The monetary benefits include salary, allowance and incentive. Out of these, only incentive is the most critical and variable factor. The incentive being linked to the salesmen’s performance and the attractive incentive provided by these FMCG giants, is the only reason why most men still stick on to a salesman’s job. The salesmen put in their heart and soul to achieve their targets and thereby get more incentive. At a point, the companies identified that the salesmen are being manipulated either by their company executives or the distributors. To overcome this, to get closer to the salesmen and to give him a sense of belongingness with the company, FMCG companies started making the incentive structure transparent. And to keep track of the salesmen’s performance, the incentives were linked to parameters that help both the salesmen to work efficiently and the company to progress. Various companies use different incentive parameters. These parameters have evolved into a more structured approach. Though the names of the parameters and their weight-age differs, they more or less have the same meaning. Working with a few leading FMCG companies, the following incentive parameters for salesmen are the most commonly practiced. Incentive Parameters 1. Perfect Store All the product lines are highlighted in the palmtop against the particular store have to be placed in the store for it to become a perfect store. 2. Perfect Day When all the stores visited in a day are made perfect, the day becomes a perfect day. The perfect store and perfect day parameters are based on the AC Nielsen survey data. Companies have a tie up with a consulting firm to provide them with data about the stores with regard to their company products 3. Lines Product lines are given as targets depending on the month’s focus product and launch product 4. Must Stock List Must stock list or the MSL compliance is where the salesmen are instructed to compulsorily stock a particular product line at particular stores or all the stores depending on the requirement. As discussed above, the focus products may or may not accompany the ECO parameter. More than one product can be given as a Focus 6. Effective Coverage Effective coverage ensures both the effective outlet coverage and the effective product line coverage. The effective coverage or ECO parameter may or may not contain a focus product/s depending on the month’s objective 7. Distributor Retail Coverage Plan (DRCP) The DRCP or simply the salesmen beat traveled everyday is a parameter that provides for expanding the number of retail outlets. Through this specific parameter the company ensures the addition of new outlets and the retention of the older outlets 8. Value Value targets are fixed based on the value of the month in the previous year plus 25% percent growth 9. Lines Product lines are given as targets depending on the month’s focus product and launch product Apart from these, the companies lay more empahsis on communicating these parameters to the salesmen. Gone were the days where salesmen carried notebooks and pen; as the saying goes, â€Å"you become obsolete f you are not updated†, the companies have sought to palmtops and smart phones / android phones for taking orders, scheme communications and other related functions. With many companies entering into the market everyday, FMCG industry is becoming a very competitive environment. And with the products having a very limited shelf life, the products have to be sold at the earliest. For sales, it is mandatory for the product to be placed in the o utlet. This job falls on the salesmen. And incentives are the key element driving the salesmen. Hence, the companies must constantly evolve new incentive schemes.

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Marketing of Packaged Drinking Water

Water is the fountain of all life. Even a toddler knows that it is a commodity with utmost Importance. Nearly 60% of our body weight comprises of water. Water can also be the cause to a great deal of misery specially in India where contaminated water continues to bring down millions with diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, haploid, jaundice and Castro-enteritis.Getting pure drinking water in cities and towns has now become a luxury. At most homes people are forced to either boil water to make it appropriate for drinking or they have to install water purifiers. While traveling or eating at restaurants buying packaged drinking water has become a necessity. This need has seen an explosion of companies marketing â€Å"safe drinking water in bottles across the country. India Is the tenth largest bottled water consumer In the world. The present scenario how's that it is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors.There are nearly 200 brands, of which are local. Most of the small scale pr oducers sell non-branded products and serve small markets. Despite the large number of small sellers, the Industry is dominated by big players like Boilers, Aquifer, Ms Dowels, Pearl Valley and soon. There are two working units of the factory. One at Disarm and the other is at Karl. The unit at Dahlias Is the larger of the two units. It has a huge processing and manufacturing plant. The one at Karl also does the same work of manufacturing and recessing but Is relatively smaller.For the purpose of accounting, both these units are considered as one factory but they both have individual licenses. The factory is one that produces packaged drinking water and according to the Bureau of Indian Standards, such a factory must necessarily have a micro-biologist and a chemist. Both the plants thus have a microbiologist and a chemist who perform timely tests on sample water in order to maintain the quail chemical composition and purity of the water.